Jill's special boy and best friend of Jock. Still missed by all.

And so, your time has come at last,

we never quite believed this moment,

patient, darkly waiting, would arrive.

Teasle, all knowing, much loved, wise,

you touched the hearts of everyone whose

outstretched arms reached out

to touch your warmth.

And when finally pain subsides,

our hearts will soar because we knew

your last four years were drowned in

never-ending, all-consuming love,

while in return you gave to Jill

incomparable, joyful freedom.

Safe journey Teasle.

May your spirit too,remain forever free.

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  1. This poem moves me to tears, but in a good way. I picture them, Jock & Teasle both munching on celestial grass, in a field by a river, swishing their tails at imaginery insects and wonder if, in their spirit world, do they have memories of us as we do of them? If they do I hope their memories are of soft words and arms reaching out to them with love.


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