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Nicki's first X Country competition. She loved X Country and never refused a jump - unlike showjumping where she was usually eliminated .

As Caroline grew older, she became less interested in Pony Club and showing. I breathed a very loud sigh of relief as I had never really mustered up enthuiasm for these events, even less so when having to do my stint at jump judging for X country competitions. Instead, she discovered the world of Endurance riding, starting with Pleasure rides and building up to competitive classes. By now, Nicki had grown a mane, long gone were the days of show plaiting. Now the plaits were put in to keep cool rather than to look pretty!

Although they had never set the world alight with all aspects of showing and other competitions, they now began to win many of their long distant rides. Nicki seemed to enjoy these rides too as it meant going to places that she had never been to before. It was better suited to her 'independent mare' image!

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