After Nicki died, even within a week I felt there was a big hole that needed filling and I was desperate to have another horse. My daughter couldn't understand this and felt I couldn't have loved Nicki to want another one so soon.

At the yard where we kept Nicki, there were many riding school ponies. Jock had arrived there six years previously when his owner's illness meant she could not care for him any longer. His wonderful temperament meant he quickly became a favourite for hacks and in the summers he worked very,very hard. I asked if there was a possibility of buying him, even though I didn't think I had a chance. However, the owners finally agreed that I could have him after the busy period of the summer season was over - so on July 26th that year, he became part of the family.

It took him a while to realise he was 'owned' again but after months of tlc he started to bloom once more and became a really wonderful pony.

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