Apparently I have been a bad boy, or so my owner says. On Sunday, we went out for a quiet stroll and she wanted to take a video from horseback 'between the ears'. I felt the steering getting a bit dodgy so thought I would take a chance when we got to the big field to do a spot of grazing. Oh that new grass tasted so good!

My owner had other ideas. I let her shout at me for a bit, then she started to do the wiggle thing on top but even that was worth it for the taste of the green stuff. Finally, when she resorted to tugging the reins very hard, I decided I had better do as she wanted - although I couldn't resist the odd snatch on the way home.

I heard her moaning later that the video was rubbish and that it was my fault! Why does she need a video anyway, when she has the real thing? Another 'human' mystery.

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