It's official! I AM NOT FAT! My owner was talking to my farrier today about the difficulty of keeping weight off me (so much for my self-esteem) and he told her that he thought I was just fine given the time of year and my breeding. So I hope she will stop discussing my personal details with the whole world and instead go and get me another bag of haylage!


  1. You don't look fat. It is the winter fuzz and warmth layer. I wish our owners would not worry so much about our weights.
    My goodness you mane is lovely. Us poor appys never have flowing manes and tails.

  2. You don't look fat to me. We try to start winter with our horses a little pudgy because of our harsh conditions and long winter and then they grow huge coats which make them look even bigger.
    You look absolutely gorgeous and wow, what a mane!

  3. As the sheep say - You're not fat, you're fluffy! I cannot get over how handsome you are....!!


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!