Today has not been a good day. First, I was kept in till 3.00 waiting for the farrier to come. I was a bit restless because I'd not had much to eat so she growled at me for moving. I stood as still as I could and gritted my teeth because I knew that in a little while I'd be put out on the hill to join my friends and eat GRASS!
However, the farrier began to tell my owner of the number of cases of laminitis she had seen in the past few weeks with some of the horses having to be put to sleep. I wish she could have kept this information to herself because I heard my owner say that I was going into the starvation paddock AGAIN tonight because she didn't want anything happening to me.

Noooooooo! She can't do this to me - but she did. So here I am in the boring little paddock with nothing much to pick at. All my friends are up the hill having a good time and eating. It is not fair. Why couldn't I be a TB or Arab or something? I can't help getting chunky at this time of year. I have to prepare for the harsh winter ahead. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

One day, maybe I'l look like this. I wonder if they go to Weight Watcher classes?


  1. Not the starvation paddock! So sorry, but your owner just wants the best for you.
    Try pacing a lot to burn off the weight she is worried about

  2. Ah Major - that is just the bottom of the manure pile. Bad as it may be, it is a lot better than having your laminae get all hot, inflamed, and then start to break down on you. Good luck fella.

  3. Oh i know how you feel - i'm in the starvation paddock too, but at least i have a friend with me. love Pippa

  4. Jo, Major does have a companion too but nothing compensates for lack of grass!!


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