Last Sunday I was taken to another show (second this year and getting to be a habit). As usual, I was subjected to the usual scrubbing and soaping beforehand. What's wrong with a bit of mud?

Here I am being ridden up the centre line. . . . . . why???

Apparently, I was very good in all my classes and as a result

I won the Championship for best Highland Pony! Here I am standing modestly with Kirsten, my rider. Of course, I was looking forward to the prizes. It's not everyday a pony is a Champion BUT would you believe it, the prize was a silver cup? What can a horse do with that? At the very least I would have expected a sack of carrots.

Disgruntled and ready to go . . . . no, I will not smile for the camera any more. I want to go home and get my tea!!


  1. Congratulations! You do look gorgeous scrubbed up!

  2. Congratulations - being clean (at least for a moment) helped you win the prize, and perhaps there'll be carrots for tea!

  3. Well done! I'm not surprized you won, you are beautiful, a real champion through and through.
    Oh and well done to your mum too!

  4. Congratulations Major :-)

  5. Grand job Major. You are the most lovely highland pony I have ever seen!

  6. Congratulations Major!
    You know, you look really stunning on those photos, with fluffy mane and tail and all.
    (You can always take a roll when coming home)
    Why don't you tell Mum to put carrots in that thing? Then it can be of some use.
    Tell her also to place it at a convenient distance from your mouth, and to keep it filled up at all times.
    That's what I would do.
    Friendly nickers from

  7. Major...finally, they gave you what we all knew you had coming!Your mum looks fantastic!
    Oh and your beautious mane and tail..wowsa!GREAT...Wa mare sends her fond nickers along!

  8. Major says thanks for all the compliments but it will only encourage him to expect more food as a reward!

    allhorsestuff - the rider is the daughter of a friend. I am CONSIDERABLY older!!!!! lol

  9. Well done Major! You look fabulous and you know it. I can tell by that first picture that you are deliberately swishing that gorgeous backside at us. You are one handsome pony and you deserve to win the prize. I hope you got your tea and carrots.

  10. What a gorgeous rear end!! You have enough mane and tail for three horses!! I have a quarter horse who could use some--want to share?

  11. sometimes its possible to get loverly horse mums to fill silver cups with guiness and have a toast to the winner! mums get their own!!


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