Today we went for a 2 hour ride and there was quite a bit of cantering up hill at the start. When we got to the top, as usual, there was the photo session and at this point I noticed just how soft the heather looked so I didn't think it would do any harm to have a little lie down to scratch my itchy bits.
Oh dear! I forgot all about my owner sitting on top! Down I went and so did she. . . . . You can just see her hat showing above the deep heather.

I thought it was quite funny (and the other ponies were sniggering too) but my owner appeared to have lost her sense of humour for some reason. As I've said many times - humans are weird.


  1. Oh my Major, that heather does look inviting. Humans are funny about you laying down when they are on you. Ginger laid down when the DOR was riding her on the trail, the DOR made her get right back up and wouldn't get off to make it any easier...

  2. Oh, my, Major, what a terrible thing to do!!! You could have asked first, you know.

  3. Oh hahahha! Major..you lost your mind there for a sec! Gotta take care of the 'Twolegs!"
    got that from http://horseofcourseeng.blogspot.com/2009/08/fames-tale.html

  4. Major, you naughty boy. It just goes to show that underneath that thick mane and good looks is a true pony!

  5. Very funny - my mare from long ago would do that in water - loved to roll - very funny pictures!

  6. What a funny guy. The heather is lovely, but we can barely see your human, glad she was wearing a hat so she didn't get lost. Great pictures.

  7. Major,I bet the heather smelled lovely!

  8. Oh Major, I really understand it was very inviting!
    All that nice heather that makes a good scratch. I bet you were a bit sweat and itchy after climbing up that hill, right?
    And a pony has to take care of himself.
    Very sensible, I'd say.
    (And I find it very impressive that someone was able to take a picture at the right time!)


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