Well, it's been a very lazy month for me. The long bout of snow followed by weeks of ice have meant no riding out. Instead I got lots of extra rations of haylage! However, today my owner led me out in hand with her friend Jill (who was riding Ginger) and Mary, also on foot. We had planned to walk to the field where Teasle and Jock are buried to scatter some rose petals in remembrance, as we do every year.

However, something started me in the bushes and I gave a little jump. This must have scared Ginger into thinking it was a tiger attack because he spun round, dumping Jill and headed for home. Luckily my owner managed to ward him off before the road but before doing so she handed my rope to Jill in case I followed. No chance of that with all that grass around. I wasn't going anywhere!


  1. Glad you didn't run away too. Nice to see you not belly deep in the snow.
    We are all muddy here too.

  2. JC Major..you are soo good to remain calm..someone HAS TO!~
    Wa mare

  3. Oh good boy Major, looking after Jill! Naughty boy Ginger!

  4. Oh goodness. Glad everyone survived the outing and the thing in the bushes didn't get ya.


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