Apparently, I am a very very bad boy. My owner took me out for a ride with some friends this morning because it is one of the first days since before Christmas that there is no ice or snow. We rode through the sheep fields and all I could see around me was the colour green so I couldn't resist putting my head down to grab mouthfuls of the stuff - I can't see any problem with that, especially now I don't wear a bit it makes life so much easier.
However, my owner was making a big fuss and trying to pull my head up and digging her legs into my sides but I'm afraid the temptation was too great and I ignored her completely. When we got back to the yard, I heard her talking about carrying a stick in future and perhaps putting the bit back in for a while, so I guess she was quite annoyed with me. I'd better be on my best behaviour for the next while!


  1. Oh Major you don't want a bit. The DOR lets me nibble while we are out once in a while, but I have perfected grabbing grass that is mouth high as we are walking.
    Maybe you can convince your owner to hand walk you so you can graze on the new grass.

  2. Well, you do look somewhat ashamed of yourself. I'll forgive you.

  3. Oh Major, the temptation was just to great!

  4. Wow, you were a bad boy if Mama is going to carry a crop!! Spinny does not like it either. He can be a naughty boy until the crop comes out and then he is all "I am a good boy". I call it evening the playing field. He is stronger than I am so I have ammunition that stings!!!

  5. I too Washashe mare, see NO PROBLEM with biting the grass while riding...when KK girl has me wear the bitless! What is with them?

    Major..KK girl has something for you at her blog...

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  7. Hi JC and Major. :-)

    I was up past your way last month and wondered how you were doing, but lately I have too many blogs and not enoiugh time!

    I saw a horsey art blog today and it reminded me that I haven't been here in ages.

    Oh and here's the blog -



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