Today is New Year's Day.  A day of rest - or so I thought. The stable is closed and not an owner in sight - except mine!  I must be the only pony unlucky enough to be owned by someone who gets up early after New Year and decides to start a fitness regime. 
 I wouldn't mind if it was HER fitness regime but apparently it was MINE!
 She even threw in some poles for good measure. . . . .
 As you can see, I'm carrying a few extra pounds and this is the reason I am in the Fat Boot Camp.  You would think with all the worms, I would look a little less rotund by now.
 Oh, I hate the left rein!
Well thank goodness for that.  Oh, and I see there is a carrot waiting. . . . . . .


  1. A Hew Years resolution? I should do the same!Dont worry about the fitness regime, I`ll give it two weeks? Lol!!!.....

  2. Happy New Year Major.
    My horses have to start a fitness routine too. One has a show in February, another is getting ready for endurance rides, and Jack is still doing his rehab.
    I have to get in shape too...
    Guess it is just tat time of year.

  3. Poor Major, you're not having a good time are you.

  4. A Happy New Year to you Major, you are so funny, I was reading this out loud to my hubby and he just had to see your photo. Maybe i should come and join you at Fat Boot Camp so long as those poles stay laid on the ground i may just manage to jump them !! you are one handsome boy.

  5. Dudley feels your pain Major! I approached him today wielding a saddle for the first time in weeks and he looked at me like I`d taken leave of my senses!

  6. HaPPY Neigh YeAR Major!
    Your routine doesn't look all that bad..and either do you~ SNORT!
    My KK Girl came out yesterday as well...but I WAS GLAD to see her...i needed to stretch my legs and see new sights.
    Your indoor looks Nice major..and I like your dapples...don't loose those in your routine,
    Wa mare~

  7. Hi I have just had the good fortune of finding your blog. I am also owned by a grey highland pony and think Major is a very handsome gentleman. I look forward to hearing about his fitness progress and hope, once the ice has gone that myself and Jake can do the same. Jake is a 16.3 highland pony, a freak of nature, but very much loved.

  8. Hi Helen,
    A 16.3 Highland - WOW! I'd love to see a photo of him. Do you have a blog?

  9. JC
    Unfortunately, I do not have a blog, I do not know how to do one! Jake is a half clydesdale half highland, but has the looks and brains of a giant highland pony with the sense of humour of one. He looks very much like your Major. There are 3 of us at the stables who follow your blog and we all think he is gorgeous and handsome.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!