A couple of weeks ago we had our annual Misummer Ride.  This is when all the livery owners and staff ride out together in the evening to celebrate summer.  There are usually about 15 horses taking part, including me!  However, my owner has not ridden on this for the past two years.  She is getting old and wimpy.  So, younger friend, Jillian takes me instead.  Here she is just about to get on!

 My owner is in charge of taking all the photos.  She couldn't get everyone in the same shot together so it had to be done in two halves.

I'm in this one, third from the right - looking quite small and cute!
 Here I am striding out through the bottom flats.
 Surprise!  My owner was at the side of the road waiting with a carrot - yum - she can be very thoughtful sometimes!
 My owner followed us in her car for a while till we got off the main road.
 She was waiting again on another corner.  It was becoming a bit of a pain having to be asked to smile.  I was trying to concentrate on my job.
 Through the forest.  Jillian is giving me a nice long stretch.
 Into the first canter field.  Here I am getting ready. . . .
 and off we went.
 This is where my owner had to give up.  We left her far behind. . . . . . . . . .


  1. Looks like you all had fun! Reminds me of when we used to go on a Hunter Pace. Do you have them there?

  2. Wow, that looks like a great ride. And that is a good looking group of ponies & horses.

  3. yes you do look small but then you are very cute as well Major. What a lovely time you had, even though your poor owner had to give up ;-)

  4. It looks as though you had enormous fun and that's the main thing. It was good weather too! Nice to see you back, Major!


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