I have a confession to make.  I was a very bad boy a couple of weeks ago. I was out with my owner and her friends and mine enjoying a leisurely hack up past the castle and as usual, Ginger's owner stopped to take photos of us all.  Well, I haven't a clue what happened, but suddenly Ginger must have heard something that scared him because he spun round, causing his owner to fall off straight away.  That wouldn't have been too bad but we all panicked because Ginger rushed through the middle of us all and galloped off down the hill.  Now, that can only mean one thing:  TIGERS IN THE BUSHES, so we didn't hang around either and we all turned and galloped after him. 

My owner managed to stay on longer than she expected (she doesn't even trot downhill usually) but I felt her coming over to one side as I was hot-hoofing it down the hill, then I was aware she wasn't there any more (oh dear).  I have learned since that she has injured her Rotator Cuff in her shoulder (the bit that the body protector doesn't cover!) and cannot ride for the next few weeks at least (perhaps I should do it more often).

Anyway, we were all a bit shamefaced when our owners eventually got us at the bottom of the hill.  By then, we knew there were no tigers so we took the chance of eating the lovely grass that is meant for the sheep.

Here are a few pictures from the day - but none of the 'incident'.  At least everyone lived to tell the tale.

Here we are setting off.  I'm at the far left of the photo eating grass while Hal closes the gate.  That's my friend, Bilbo, eating grass too.  Of course, he's another Highland Pony - it's what we do best!

That's where we all disappeared.

Here is my owner.  She had walked all the way back up the hill to make sure Ginger's owner was okay.  All the other owners came to find us at the bottom. 
Finally, we are all together again.  The owners walked home, apart from Ginger's because, for some reason, he was still quite hyper.  My owner wasn't cross with me.  She said it was the first time I have ever done anything like this before but I do feel guilty for hurting her.


  1. Oh Major, oh dear......... I hope everyone is ok, human and horses. What a fright you must all have had. I do hope Ginger's rider is ok and of course, your owner.
    Thank goodness there were not any tigers in the bushes.

  2. Sounds scary. I hope everyone heals emotionally and physically very soon.

  3. Major I am very glad that none of the humans were hurt badly and that all the horses escaped the tiger in the woods.
    Woods are full of horse eating things. I have to keep a wary eye out whenever the DOR and I are out there.

  4. Oh, Major, well I won't call you a naughty boy because I know how easily you ponies can panic. It's a good thing you didn't all jump into that loch and start swimming. Now that would have made things even harder for your humans.
    Sorry about your human. It's no fun when you can't get on your pony for weeks on end. You look after her, now.

  5. Thanks everyone. Had another physio appointment today. No riding for at least four weeks. Not sure how I'm going to keep Fat Boy Slim!

  6. Oh that is fiercly scarey major...glad the tigers did not chase you and that was a false scare. Your owner was so good-not to be mad.You got carried away with the heard! I hope she is doing better by now!!!
    You better watch out major...riding plans are being made for shape up/ slim down!

  7. Major.
    You must be living very quietly after your episode the other week re the (not) tigers. Even my husband asked today what were you up to.

  8. Ann, it's not Major who's been living quietly, but me! Luckily, I have a couple of friends who are keeping the 'fat one' ticking over nicely till I can get on board again (approx 3 weeks time).


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