My owner took me into the school this morning.  We'd only been in a few minutes when a friend of hers came in and they started chatting. . . .and chatting. . . .so I decided to make the most of the autumn sun and catch 40 winks

I must have nodded off very fast because here I am having a lovely dream.  However, I won't disclose the contents - for horses ears only.

As you can see, my owner continued to film me, which I think is very undignified.

Eventually my owner gave up and sat down beside me.  Apparently I was in the land of nod for a full 35 minutes and in that time, I had caused quite a stir because some people thought I had died and came to ask my owner if there was anything they could do to help.

Finally my owner had to wake me because two of her friends were about to set off for a hack but could not get their horses to walk past the place where I was lying (don't you think that is just typical of mares - they see me asleep in the field every day, so what difference does it make if I'm resting my hooves in the school?). I was a bit disgruntled at first but then I realised I didn't have to do any schooling after all as my owner had to be home for lunch and had run out of time.  Oh what a shame. . . . I may have to try it again another time!


  1. You were one very sleepy pony Major. I'm glad you were just napping very soundly and didn't really die. But that was thoughtful of those people to ask your mom if they could help.

  2. you're a very good owner that your horse feels so safe with you that he will sleep like that. thats lovely.

  3. I think some one is taking the Micheal! get up!! had to laugh at this!!

  4. lol that was lovely Major. I often see horses in a field lying down and wonder the very same thing "is she/he ok".
    We have been out geocaching this morning in Ayrshire and as we were signing the log book that shows we have found it, we could hear clip clop and then voices. 2 large horses and riders and a little Shetland with a little girl riding him walked by and greeted us, we could hear other horses going another way. Then at another cache as we were again signing the log a little white horse not unlike yourself came across and popped its head over the fence to see what we were up to, then whinnied as we walked back to the car. Lots of horses in the fields as well so we stopped to say hello, wouldn't it have been funny if one had turned around and said "Hello" back ;-)

  5. How very rude of your human to keep filming then to put it on here for the whole world to see. Disgraceful. Humans have no shame. I am pleased though to see you enjoying your nap. Brilliant idea of yours to get out of work. Might have to try it myself. xx Zoe


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!