Well, one of the advantages of this time of year is that my owner tends to stay off the hills and moors because they are wet and muddy.  Instead, we tend to ride around the village which is flat and less strenuous for a hairy pony.  Here we are today half way round the one and a half hour route she likes to take.

 The only drawback is there are lots of long stretches where I have to trot.  I would much prefer to amble along looking at the views.
 Now, are we going right or left today?
 Off the tracks and back into the village.
 My owner always cracks the same old joke about wishing I would get my speed up to twenty.  I've heard it so often it's wearing a bit thin now.  I wasn't sure about that sign beneath it that had appeared since last time we were along this way - but my owner told me not to be silly and I had to walk past.
 We crossed over the main road at the junction and rode along past the old school.  It's now been turned into flats.
 This is where my owner lives, on the turning on the left.  One day I'm hoping to be invited in to eat the grass in her back garden but she says she she doesn't trust me to stick to the grass - I may be tempted to eat her plants as well.  Now, would I do such a thing. . . .
 Getting near the field where Glyn and Pharoah live.  They always start showing off when I pass, galloping along the edge of the field beside me.  They do it on purpose because they know I am not alllowed to gallop on the road.
Thought I would stop and give him a hard stare just for good measure.  He thinks he's so handsome but I think he's a bit soft having to have a rug that comes right up to his neck.  Anyway, only about twenty minutes away from home and lunch will be waiting. . . . .


  1. Sounds fun, at least the route looks pretty dry! Not like here, rain andd more rain!

  2. Nice to see your neighborhood and even meet one of the residents! :-D

  3. Those are some very cute ears in those photos! You have a beautiful route to travel.

  4. Beautiful county over there. We're just waiting for the deep freeze over here.

  5. Now was the camera mounted on your head Major? lol, what lovely photographs and story.
    Very pretty route.
    Ann x

  6. What a lovely route and I enjoyed the running commentary!

  7. Looks lovely. My human cracks that joke about the 50 speed limit sign every single blooming time we pass it. Shame humans don't have a volume control sometimes. Although I can't wait to start taking my human out and about again jokes about speed limits are better than a sick human.


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