Last week's snow finally disappeared yesterday but it came back overnight, meaning I have to search even harder for something to eat to keep me alive.

 Wait, is that a blade of grass over there.  Must go to investigate.
Here are two of my friends working equally as hard.  Life is tough in December!


  1. Oh Major bless you, brrrrrrrr it looks cold. Here in Ayrshire it is damp and dark but a bit warmer than the beginning of the week. Mind you we came back from Australia last week so maybe that is why we were cold last week.

  2. Ann, Major has been wondering where you were!

  3. Hello Major. I am catching up on my blog hopping, so I am reading what you have been up to in the 3weeks we were away, also catching up on Zoe.
    It has turned cold again today, bitter cold. I don't think we have had a dry bright day since we came back from holiday, it is so dark and dreary. Merry Christmas Major xx

  4. I love the camouflage of a white horse in white snow! brrrr! but very wooly horse coats!


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