Nothing like a long drink from the river
 Don't tell anyone, but I often use this as an excuse to have a rest.  My owner doesn't like me eating when we're out but she always lets me stand to drink for as long as I want. 
 Who's that handsome horse in the water?
 Seem to have lost my head in this one!
When I got back, my owner took me into the school to see if I wanted a roll, but I was quite happy to stand and doze - thank you.


  1. At least you are getting out and about. Lucky you. Such a handsome boy I am quite smitten. How do you stay so clean?

  2. Ahhhh Major those are lovely photographs, oooooh where did your head go in that one lol? Mitsy looks at herself in the glass front door and wonders who the other dog is lol. Thank you for visiting my blog again and the tips.
    We have already got a long recall lead on order, we let her off this morning and she did come back when I blew the whistle. We carry treats with us for this purpose and lots of praise. Hopefully we are getting there (fingers crossed) it is when she spots other dogs she wants to go over to them, she is just coming up to 11 months old.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!