Here I am with my owner (photo courtesy of Jillian) standing in some rare winter sun.  My owner thinks I look grumpy but I'm just enjoying a little doze.  She also complains about my legs at this time of the year, but seems to me that hers look just as muddy as mine.


  1. Your owner, is she nearly as tall as you? Or was she standing in mud?Lol

  2. I think you are beautiful. Anyone who says I have a crush on you is telling porkies.....well ok perhaps a little crush.

  3. Cheyenne, Major's only got little short legs!
    Zoe, don't encourage him - he is a real ladies' man!

  4. Hello Major. Hubby was just asking a moment ago if you had posted lately, and here you are, yes it is lovely to have some sunshine isn't it? :-)
    oooooooh does Zoe have a crush on you? ;-) x


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!