Spring seems to have arrived and so I have decided to help our feathered friends by generously donating some of my surplus hair.
 Good quality stuff.  I hope he appreciates it.
 There was only a small amount to offer today but I know in the coming weeks there may be enough to line the nests of all the birds in the stable
That's all they're getting for today.  More to come later.


  1. The birds like will sure like you lovely hair for their nests

  2. Lucky birdies! Their babies will have the softest beds around. That was very kind and generous of you Major.

  3. How cute! It's lovely to think of the cosy little nests they'l make.

  4. How kind of you Major. Those little baby birds once here are going to be very snug.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!