After all the rain of the past week, the sun came out at last. I enjoyed a long doze in the warmth while my owner fussed round me getting rid of all the mud and dirt.

 I was slightly worried when I learned that she had put pig oil in my mane.  Now, I have nothing against pigs but I don't really want them all over my hair - but she assured me no pig had been harmed in the making of the oil.
 Even better, I wasn't ridden this weekend.  So here I am on my way to the field to enjoy the rest of the day in peace.  It may be sunny and warm, but the field is still wet and muddy. . . .
My owner may be in for a shock when she sees me tomorrow!


  1. Pig oil? I've never heard of that! What does it do and does it smell of pigs? I hope not!

  2. It's not from pigs, don't worry, though why it's called that I don't know. Apparently, pig owners cover pigs in it before a show. Makes them shine! Lots of horse owners use it on the horses' feathers, manes and tails. It's not as sticky as baby oil. It has no smell either!

  3. Oh, I see! I must get some. Thanks for that.


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