I'm training my owner very well.  She takes me into the school while I wait for her to sit down.  Then I go and stand over her because I know she'll give me a carrot everytime.  I then take a few steps away from her, find a nice spot and join her.
 This seems to make her very happy, especially when I lie flat out.
 Though why she has to photograph in such detail, I don't know.
 I lay down for such a long time today that my owner must have got bored as she started taking daft photos of our feet.
 Then she was even more pleased when someone she knew was walking past, so we were able to be photographed together.
 After another 15 minutes, my friend Winston appeared with his owner.  He came into the school so quietly that I didn't hear him.
 However, when I realised I wasn't on my own, I sat up to see if he wanted me to move.
 Winston is a pretty chilled horse too, so he was quite happy for me to carry on.
 I wasted no time and got back to my own hard work.  It was making me tired watching him.
I heard my owner asking if Winston would like to use me as a practice jump.  Well, I thought that was taking things too far but I pretended not to hear.  I would have been happy to have stayed to keep him company but my owner mentioned something about me lying over 'X' and it was interfering with Winston's schooling - so she made me get up.  It was good while it lasted!


  1. Wow, you are a heavy sleeper!!! Glad you weren't used as a jump! Love your mane I got kinda gyped in the mane department.

  2. i would love for my pony to be that relaxed.... i'll be taking photos if it ever happens.

  3. Oh we had a laugh at you Major........ I love the one of you smiling in your sleep. One chilled horse. X

  4. Oh, that was funny! You lazy lump, Major!


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