My owner was very pleased when she saw me today because (apart from the usual moans about legs and tail) she says I have reached my perfect weight.  She was even more pleased later, when she rode me out with another horse called Mr Darcy because although my legs are much shorter than his, I kept up with him all the way round and even overtook him in places.  Watch this space.  I may turn into a super streamlined stud!
 Here are a couple of swallows who come to live in the stables every summer, though what they think of the weather so far, I don't know.  My owner is still wearing her winter riding gear.
Cute isn't he?


  1. He certainly is cute Major is this a little friend/neighbour for you? . I am pleased you managed to keep up with Mr Darcy x

  2. Those Swallows look cold! We have half a dozen or so in my hay shed, at least they do their doin`s in one place!

  3. I must say your legs are rather dirty, but I'm sure your owner made a good job of cleaning you up.
    I'm glad to see you have swallows. It's always lovely to see themm back and be their host.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!