A very silly bird has decided to lay its eggs in the middle of the jumping arena.  To try and keep them safe, the staff have put four cones around them so that my friends will not trample them into scrambled eggs.
 Here is Mrs Oyster Catcher hard at work.   I wouldn't mind a job where I could sit down all day.
 Looks as if we'll all have to be on tip toes when these four hatch.
 It was a lovely evening so my owner came up to say hello to me before going for a walk.  Why would anyone want to go for a walk voluntarily?  I'd rather be eating.
She walked along to Urquhart Castle.  She has many photos of this castle but all have been taken from high up on the hill looking down between my ears!


  1. I'd rather eat than walk as well. Humans just boggle my mind at times. Love the castle, how wonderful.

  2. Ooooooh it's a long time since we gave been to Urquhart castle Major.
    How strange to have those eggs and mummy bird right in the centre of the arena! She must like to live dangerous!

  3. wow, interesting place to nest!! hope they hatch out okay there.


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