I live in a big herd of horses but we all have our own smaller groups within it.  Lately, my group has been getting into trouble because we are not coming in on time in the morning and one of the staff has to tramp up the hillside calling and looking for us.
As you can see, I am making a big effort to come down as quickly as I can!
Then I spotted my owner taking photos so thought I'd better go over and say good morning.
But then I got caught up with my pals again.  Here's Fergus, Morton and Hal going in the wrong direction!  So then the staff member decided we were fooling around too much so chased us down the hill.  We knew she meant business so hoofed it back to the stables asap.

Nearly there - I'm the last one, as usual!

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  1. lol a bit of tom foolery from you all, eh Major lol


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