Started off as a normal day.  My owner took me into the outdoor school for my 40 winks as usual.
 And, as usual, I am subjected to the undignified close-ups.
 But then, ny owner's friend, Jillian arrived to say hello.
 It's her birthday today, so I thought I ought to be polite and sit up.
 After giving me a birthday kiss, she tickled me on the nose.
 We then had a little blether together (a little chat for my International followers!)
 She said I was looking very handsome today, which made me a bit embarrassed.
 We were interrupted a couple of times.  Once was when one of the staff was coming down the pony track on 'Mr Coblet' and for some reason, he wouldn't go past the school when he saw the three of us sitting there.  Jillian had to get up and lead him past (and he thinks he's so cool, too.  Just wait till I tell the herd what a wuss he was).
We carried on having our blether till Jillian had to go to collect her little girl from nursery.



  1. Oh those are lovely photographs Major, i love when you say you went into the school for 40winks lol. Did you feel the better fir a snooze? I know i do lol. Nice to have a blether. X

  2. Ann, if there was an exam in snoozing, he would pass with flying colours!


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