I went for an outing to the Black Isle with my friend Dubs.  We shared her trailer and it took about an hour to get there.  I was a bit worried about travelling with Dubs as she is a mare and sometimes mares can be moody - but Dubs was in a very good mood today.  
 My owner's friend was riding me.  Here I am meeting Kitty for the first time.  She lives at these stables.  She was very nice too.  My luck was definitely in!  A two hour hack with two mares made a nice change from my gelding friends.
 We set off in very dark skies and after about two minutes it poured with rain.
 But it only lasted long enough for my owner to get soaked while walking behind trying to keep up, taking photos as usual.
 Kitty, me, Dubs.
 I am embarrassed about this one as it shows a large green patch just under my tail.  I had an 'accident' in the trailer and leant against the bar as I was pooing!
 Oh dear, it shows even more clearly in this one.  Hope the mares didn't notice.
 My owner was enjoying all the wide open spaces and the views too.
 As we were on a private estate there were no cars, just these wide tracks for the tractors.
 2000 acres in total, although, thankfully we didn't manage to ride round the whole estate as we had didn't have enough time.
 This hill was quite steep but I took my time going down.
 Just waiting for my owner to come down and join us.
Homeward bound and another hour in the trailer but that's okay because there were haynets hanging up ready for us to munch on while on the journey home.


  1. Camryn here: It's beautiful and you have a rather nice bum even with the accident.

  2. Camryn (Major blushing)

  3. Oh bless you Major lol. But you had a lovely ride out amongst beautiful scenery by the looks of it and lovely female companions. We were up in Glasgow this morning?............. it poured! It was windy but dry as we left Ayr and still windy but dry when we got home hmmmmmmmmm just looking out of the window just now at the trees in the garden blowing it has turned cooler as well......what happened to summer?


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