I was in the school with my owner when we were joined by Rizzo and his owner.  She was going to ride him but decided to let him 'play' with me instead.  We decided we didn't want to play but would prefer just to stand and doze.
 However, Rizzo's owner had a different plan and produced (from out of nowhere) a long stick.  I knew I couldn't pretend to be asleep any longer so thought I'd better prove willing.
                                              So round we went on the left rein
                                                               Canter, canter, canter

And round we went on the right rein

                                                                   Trot trot trot
Then ended up with a bit of pole work.  I tried to signal to my owner that I'd rather go back to my nap but as usual she was taking photos.  The good thing is that the Oyster Catcher chicks are just about to hatch in the arena next to this so no one will be allowed to disturb them till they are much bigger.


  1. Awwww lovely pictures Major. X

  2. Oyster catcher chicks??!!! Aw, how sweeet! Might you be able to get a piccie? I know it's harder to take pics when you have hoofs but you could always try anyway.

  3. Foody, I'm not giving him a camera - he'll get his own back on me!


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