Here I am in the Holding Paddock. I've been ridden TWICE today and am now waiting for my owner to put me out on the hillside to join my friends.
 As you can see, Hal is the Boss.  Although he is my friend, I know where I stand with him and I always do what he says. He would get angry with me if I moved in front of him to go through the gate first so I know to wait behind in order not to get in trouble.
 My owner came in to give my girth and back a rub before putting me out but as you can see, Hal wanted to see why I was getting so much fuss and 'gently' reminded me he was Boss.
 I wish my owner would stop taking photos and hurry up and open the gate. Still, I suppose she won't see me again for a few days so I shouldn't moan.
At least I'll get some time off while she's working this week!


  1. God love you!.....Its not often, that one knows one`s place! But kudos to you ol` man!

  2. Oh bless you Major. You look so small next to Hal x

  3. It is always nice to have a leader that is your friend.

  4. Cheyenne - not sure Maj would approve of the ol' man comment!
    Ann - he's not that much smaller: 14.2 to Hal's 15.1 It's all in the body language. He likes to stay out of trouble.
    Jack - couldn't agree more


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!