My owner arrived yesterday morning early.  I was put into the starvation paddock last night so I was very pleased to see her.
 No hanging about - straight to the gate
Stop taking the photos and let us out!
 It was silly game day.  My owner like to play this occasionally.  I can't see the point of it but I humour her to keep her happy.  We both stand behind a pole on the ground.  My owner puts one leg over the pole and I have to do the same without being asked.  Not rocket science, is it?
 We then stand there looking daft for a while until my owner decides to put her other leg over the pole , then I have to do the same.  I get a carrot if I do it properly so I shouldn't complain.
 Today, my owner decided to ride because it was a nice sunny day.  The woods are sometimes a bit scary when the light dapples.  Something could be hiding round every bush.
 Much better when the path opens up later on.  Although I always keep my ears pricked forward in case of prowling tigers.
 Here's the first river crossing.  My owner usually lets me stop here and have a paw and snorkel in the water.  I would stand and do this all day but she always moves me on eventually.  I have learned a little trick though.  When my owner asks me to move forward, I pretend I need a drink.  This used to work well but she doesn't seem to take much notice any more.
 Eventually we reached the shore of Loch Ness.
 Whoa - is that the Monster floating past?
 Better head on home.
 A quiet amble along the farm track
Then back to the yard.  Quite a nice morning.  See you all again next week.


  1. Ah yes!.......I remember quiet wanderings along country lanes. ..................................No Sorry! I do prefer the pub!

  2. If you get a carrot Major for stepping over the bar on the ground does your human get anything? Lovely photographs, i hope your owner had her camera poised and ready just in case Nessie decided to pop up! When we are geocaching in woods I am always on the lookout for bears...........oh wait this is Scotland no bears phewwww

  3. Poor Major in the starvation paddock. Getting a bit porky, are we?
    So that's Loch Ness? Do let us know if you see the monster and send us some pics. I am a firm believer in Nessie. Just because she's rarely seen does not mean she is not there. Isn't that right?

  4. Foody, funny how she always seems to make an appearance in the tourist season. She must hibernate for the rest of the year!


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