It was my owner's first week of full time working this week, so when she arrived to see me this weekend I thought I would give her the huffy treatment when she tied me up ready to be brushed.  In fact, when she went back into my stall to get something, I rifled through the grooming kit to see if she had put any goodies in there, then pretended it wasn't me who'd done it.  I do look innocent, you have to agree.

 The weather was hot again both days which meant I had to work.  I didn't mind today's hack because we went through the loch to cool off.  Yesterday's hack was not good - long and uphill.  I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get chance to have my regular snooze in the outdoor school as she seems intent on us packing as much into the two days as possible.
 She had planned to take  lots of photos in the loch but for some reason she put the camera away very quickly when we were half way through and started yelling at me to keep my head up and walk on.  I must admit the thought was crossing my mind to have a roll in the water.  It would only have been a little one so I don't know what all the fuss was about.
 There was also something on at the yard called 'Le Trec'.  My owner and Harry's owner decided to sneak in while no one was waiting for their turn so we could have a look at all the obstacles and try them out.
 Here is Harry going under the low obstacle.  I had done it before it and we didn't knock anything down.  You can see me just in the background going through the maze.  My owner was very pleased that I did this without touching or going over the sides.
 We then had to do a figure of eight between cones.
 Then after going in and out of a long line of poles we got to canter back to the start.
 This was the best bit though.  I'm not usually allowed in this field so I wasted no time in trying out the grass.
Well, that's it till next weekend!


  1. Glad to see your highland roots haven't left you......grass comes first above all else. You look like you have had a fun couple of days. The obstacle course looks great fun. The scenery where you are is lovely, I don't get to hack places like that.

  2. Oh that sounded like fun to be in the water Major to cool off,and you are one clever boy going through the obstacle course. X


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