It is my owner's last day of the holiday today.  She goes back to work tomorrow and I won't see her until next weekend.  I've got used to her being around again every day for the last two weeks, even if it meant I had to work more than usual.
 Today, however, she told me she was in a 'back to work lethargy' what ever that meant.  It can't be that bad though because she said she wasn't in the mood to go for a ride.
 Instead, she took pictures of the yard and sighed a lot!
 Some of the photos were downright stupid in my opinion.
 We then went down to the outdoor school where my owner said I could do what I wanted.  She was just going to sit on one of the jumps and chill out.
 Well, it was a lovely sunny day, after all.  The kind of sun that gives off a warm gentle heat.  So after looking around for a bit . . . .
 I decided I ought to make the most of this as I didn't know when I'd get another chane.
 It was very difficult to stay awake for long.  In fact, my owner timed me.  Apparently, I was asleep for 90 minutes.
 I did shift my position occasionally to have a full stretch.  This one shows off my new clip.  I'm not a fashionista as you can see.  I'm more of a functional dude.  It serves a purpose, nothing more.
 Sometimes I think my owner likes to embarrass me.  She could have told me that the jumping lesson had come in and had begun warming up around me.
 Finally, the instructor asked if my owner would wake me up so I was unceremoniously prodded until I sat up. 
Once outside the arena, I had to pose for one last photo in the autumn leaves.  I'm still a bit grumpy here as 90 minutes isn't really long enough for a relaxing sleep.  Anyway, that's all for now.  See you in a week's time.


  1. Oh I giggled at your posting there Major lol. You look so comfortable but just as well you moved as the other horses may have just jumped over you! X

  2. How rude to wake you up like that. Looking lovely as always

  3. Oh my, I just love your ablility to nap where ever. Awesome


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