Two of my owners friends came to see me today.  This is Clare who has a Highland mare called Ishie I've not met Ishie because she lives too far for us to visit but she sounds as if she's got a bit of attitude - just how I like my mares to be!

 They weren't planning to ride but my owner had just been playing around with me showing off my groundwork tricks and suggested that Clare jump on to see if I'd walk round the school with no bridle.
 Sometimes I think my owner is really stupid.  It doesn't take much effort to walk round the school and I could tell where Clare wanted me to go because she guided me with her legs.
 These humans have to do the inevitable 'look no hands' trick.  I just humour them.
 I like Clare because she is very gentle and has a natural understanding of horses.
 I would have been quite happy to have carried on for as long she wanted but my owner had lunch waiting for them back at her house - I wasn't invited!
 So I got a big hug and a thank you
I hope she comes to see me again soon.


  1. Awww how lovely Major. But I think you should have been invited for lunch. X

  2. It's nice when someone who knows what they're doing hops up. Otherwise you've just gotta walk under a treelimb to dump the addle brained!


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