My owner is on a two week holiday so today she said she wouldn't ride but instead we could chill out in the school and I could lie down if I wanted to, because I haven't done this for weeks now.
 But I didn't want to lie down because the surface was very damp from all the rain we had last night.
 So after a while my owner said she would take me back up and put me out into the field early.
 I was looking forward to that. . . . . . . .
 but half way up the pony track we met Rizzo and his owner coming down.  His owner asked what'd we'd been doing and she suggested that my owner take me back down so I could play with Rizzo in the school.
No guesses from my expression what I thought of that idea.  Rizz looked a bit affronted too.  We had no choice, though and back down we went.
 The first thing Rizzo did when his tack was off was have a big roll in the school.
 We then had to 'play' - if you can call being chased round the school at top speed fun!
 Here I am looking at my owner hoping that the game could come to an end and I could be put out to eat.
 But first we had to go round in the other direction.
At last!  Now let's get back up to the field before it starts raining.


  1. What a pain being made to run when you coulda been eating


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