I've had a very busy couple of weeks, thanks to my owner.  Her New Year resolution was that we would both get fit together so that by December, we would be more flexible and toned!  Now I don't mind what she decides to do for herself but I don't see why I have to be dragged into it.  As a result, while she was at work, my owner arranged for a physio to give me the once over so a programme could be worked out for me to follow.  So I have been lunged TWICE this week and my owner is having a lesson on me tomorrow.
 Here I am trying to share an apple with Jillian, my owner's friend.  Jillian has also been enlisted as part of my keep fit regime because she rides me when my owner is at work.
 We went for a gentle stroll today because my owner was too cold to do anything else (I'm hoping the resolution is wearing off already).
 I was a bit put out though, as my owner gave little Fidget some of my apple as she put me into the field. He's trying to avoid eye contact with me because he knows how much I love apples.
Thnk goodness Sorrel appeared after the apple had gone, otherwise he would have got a bit too.  My owner doesn't seem to realise how much I need every one of those calories to keep me warm!


  1. Don't worry it won't last if your owner is anything like mine. We too are on a get fit no excuses thing.

  2. Oh those humans and their resolutions.... aren't they strange! And sharing apples, well really! Don't they know there's no calories in them so there's definitely no reason for sharing with other equines....

  3. Beautiful pony. I enjoyed stopping by.


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