It was lovely Spring-like day today.  When my owner arrived at the yard she noticed there was a ride booked to go out at 10.30 so she decided to tag along.

 I was given the job of chivvying Todd along.  He tends to walk very slowly when he has a beginner rider on his back.  Good job I was here at this point as we met a ride going back in the opposite direction and I think Todd had plans to turn round and join them!
 Everytime my owner got out her camera I snatched a tasty morsel from the hedge.
 We both stopped here for a moment to look at the view.  No problems catching up with a beginner ride.
 Onto the homeward stretch.  I haven't been on a ride out for a few weeks as the weather has not been good.  It felt nice to be out today.
Better not keep chatting. I have to take my chivvying responsibilty seriously!


  1. Very good of you to keep things lively from the rear of that ride, Major!

  2. Oh my goodness, my mustang Tripp snatches bites of tasty morsels when I grab the camera too! You both are very smart to stay fueled up for the ride. ;-)

    Karen and Tripp who loves when I pull the camera out.

  3. Good thinking there Major take every chance you can lol.
    Oh I bet it was nice to get out into the good Scottish countryside. We haven't been out Geocaching in the countryside for a while, just been getting Munzee's in cities instead. We were out a nice walk this morning along and past the river Ayr. X

  4. Hedge picnics are one of the true pleasures of life! Every opportunity must be seized :-) glad you had a nice ride!

  5. Sometimes I have to wear a special riding muzzle so I don't munch and cause trouble....

  6. Major says it's good to know that fellow equines like to eat 'on the hoof' too, but he's not sure he likes the sound of Jack's muzzle!

  7. Yes! Cant beat a good chivvying! Sounds like you did your job!

  8. That looks like great fun in beautiful surroundings.


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