I was surprised to see my owner this evening.  She had finished work early and because it was such a lovely day, decided to come and say hello in the field.
 She had only just started to pat me when along came Harry to see if he was missing anything
 He's a real space invader!
 My owner gave his bum a good scratch.  It's his favourite thing and he stands for ages all dreamy.
 Whenever she stopped for a second, he turned round to ask for more.  But eventually she told him to move off because I needed some more patting!
It was nice to see her but it did interrupt my munching.  She took the hint and said goodbye, leaving us to it.


  1. Nice of you to share your owner with Harry for a little bit. A little attention and then back to snacking. Sounds like a good evening.

  2. There`s nothing nicer than having one`s bum scratched! I remember it well, those halcyon days!....Sorry drifted off!

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  4. Thanks Martyn, but once it starts to be 'work' it stops being a pleasure!

  5. Harry is much more handsome than a Space Invader (showing my age here....and previous obsession with computer games!) but we'll done for sharing!


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