My owner was expecting dry, white and fluffy when she came to see me this morning but instead she got wet, black and muddy.  After a lot of hard work, she managed  to get me looking presentable, though why she bothers I have no idea because I'll be the same again tomorrow if the ground stays wet.
 Hal has been lame all week so the yard manager advised his owner to do some loose schooling to see if he had improved.  I joined them too.  However, after a few circuits I decided to go to the jumpkin to have a good scratch.  It's perfect for the bits under the chin  that I can't reach.  Hal joined me.  We decided it was a good ploy to get out of the work, anyway.
Well, as Hal was standing close by I thought I wouldn't waste the opportunity to snatch 40 winks.  He could be the guard horse - not that I need one -I'm quite happy to have a snooze whenever the opportunity presents itself. 
The next moment, I felt a thud beside me and surprise, surprise, Hal had dropped down too!  So much for being being my guard.  We'd now both get eaten by lions.
At this point the yard officer came past and told me off for being such a bad influence on Hal.  He didn't seem bothered though so we ignored her and carried on zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
See you all next week!



  1. Nice place for a snooze. Why do humans insist on removing all the carefully placed mud? Beats me.

  2. That last picture is fabulous, glad to see you taking it easy!

  3. Zoe, Major says it's good to hear from you again - he thought you'd found someone else!
    Mulees - He's always taking it easy!

  4. A typical Major pose lol awww bless you. And happy birthday for last weekend Major I am catching up on blogs. Oh I hope the farmer comes back for the sheep and her lamb bless.

  5. Thanks Ann, I'll pass on your good wishes!


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!