21st June has come round again and it's time for the evening Midsummer Ride
 25 of us all going out this year.  It was too difficult to get us all standing close enough to fit into the photo.
 While I was waiting to go, I thought I'd have a little snooze.
 Right, looks like we're off!
 Down and round by the outdoor schools
 And off along the bottom flats.  Funny how all us greys stick together!  I'm the third from the front here.
Only about two and a half hours to go, then back to the grass!


  1. Looks like fun! We're impressed that your weather was good enough for this, our was terrible :-) Bet that grass tasted all the sweeter after such a long time away...!

  2. Muleey -It was very warm yesterday and has been pretty good for the past month. The ride was out for over 3 hours. Maj didn't even want a carrot when being put out - just marched straight for the field!

  3. How lovely all the greys together, that made a lovely picture. We are laughing at a typical Major pose! Snoozing. Bless. Well they say that cat naps are good for us Major x

  4. I hope you enjoyed yourself Major and that you tucked in to grass when you got home.

  5. Ann, you should know by now that's what he does best (beside eating.

    Foody, I saw him the next day and there was no doubt he'd tucked in by the size of his belly!

  6. Looks like great fun, where did you go?

  7. Cheyenne - Up into the hills above Loch Ness, then back through the bay to cool off!


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!