My owner went back to work after the 7 week holiday yesterday but this evening she came up the hill to see me.  I thought she was just going to give me a carrot and go because she wasn't carrying a head collar but I got quite a surprise when she took hold of my mane and 'guided' me (her word) in a downward direction back towards the stables.  She also had a juicy pear in her other hand that she kept biting into and giving me pieces to tempt me to keep walking.  After a while she let go of my hair because I was following her anyway - I wasn't going to give up the chance of more pear.

She just brushed me for 15 minutes, then took me back up again.  All rather pointless in my opinion, but I suppose it was worth it for the bits of pear!


  1. Mmm yum! Pears are our favourite too!

  2. ooooh that sounded nice sharing a pear with your owner Major. Was that a trip to the barber/hairdressers for you getting your mane brushed? lol x

  3. Major says hello Ann. He's missed your comments lately!


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!