My husband and I are not talking,
in fact, he's gone off in a rage,
the credit card bill came this morning
consisting of more than one page.

Well, I needed a new pair of jodphurs,
and then saw those new, lightweight hats,
the horses were due to be wormed soon
so I thought I would buy some of that.

Then I noticed a 10% discount
was given if so much was spent,
it seemed to be such a good offer,
so how could a person relent?

So, I added a high wither numnah,
oh, and also a two-tone lead rope,
and because it is always so useful,
I threw in a bar of tack soap.

I couldn't resist the new gel pads,
(don't want him to get a sore back),
the haynets, the weigh tape, the girth guards
and also a small saddle rack.

Guess I'd better just tear up my plastic,
then pay off the bill in due course,
any money you hve will soon vanish,
the day that you buy your own horse.


  1. Lovely and all too true. But at least the horses provide psychological counseling when we most need it!

  2. Are you sure you aren't talking about my house? I think my husband was just questioning me about some of these same things.


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