Gulliver Travels

This is Gulliver, Major's stall buddy, waiting to begin his new life this morning. We will all miss him but, once he has settled, I'm sure he will have a wonderful new life.

Bye, bye Gully!

Today, Gulliver, the final RDA (Riding for the Disabled) pony left the yard where he was born 17 years ago t0 travel to the Isle of Mull where he will begin his retirement. He has been a trekking/RDA pony all his life, giving so much to others, so he now deserves to have some individual tlc from a loving owner.


  1. That is so wonderful that he will have a easy retirement in a loving home.

  2. That`s a lovely story to read. Sounds like Gully deserves a long and happy retirement and where better to do so than on Mull! Hope Maj doesn`t miss him too much!

  3. How wonderful that he is going to have a happy retirement. Sorry that Major is going to loose the companionship of a friend, but so nice Gulliver's owners will give him all the TLC he can handle.

  4. What an honorable career he has had. I hope he enjoys the good life in retirement.

  5. Oh Gully! You are so special to have
    taken on such a huge responsibility of caring for us humans in that capacity, for your whole life!
    Major, send loves to him from Wa mare and sorry you have to loose such a cute barnie mate!
    Wa mare and KK girl

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  8. Wishing Gully a long and happy retirement which I am sure is so very well deserved.

  9. I wish him a long and happy retirement!
    (And what a butt! Gives me Thelwell associations!)


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