Felt much better today so I decided to go and see Major for a little while.

However, there was just an empty space where he would normally be!

There was plenty of evidence that he had been there before me!

Thought I'd hang around for a while till he came back from his ride so I spent time brushing Lottie,a little pony I used to borrow from the riding school so that Jock would have company when I used to take him home for the winter. She's now beginning to look so old. I always give her a carrot when I go to the yard (Major doesn't know!). I think she enjoyed the 15 mins quality time.

Felt my energy beginning to wilt again so I thought I'd better head for home. Enjoyed all the late daffodils along the way. I'll see him tomorrow!


  1. I am sure Major will not mind shring his carrots with a loyal old pony, bless.

  2. Oh no, Major will be disappointed not to see you. I am sure he will be glad you spent time with his friend. Glad to see you are feeling better.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!