Winter's arrived. . . .

Don't you just love it!

Don't know why my owner is moaning.  I kept my face clean!


  1. Now that is a normal pic! I will post one of my shower! They all have their woolly coats, and look like bloody bears!!

  2. I think you look quite clean compared to some!

  3. Mud season. Isn't is great? We've had two days of cold rain and my drylot is anything but.

    How much soap is needed to get that furry boy clean? He does seem to have a lot of "surface area".

  4. Cedar View - I'm afraid he just gets left to dry out and then gets a good brush. Not easy when he's out 18 hours each day. The only part if him that gets soaped is the bottom half of his tail!

  5. I once went out riding Smokey(who must be a cousin of Majors)and only clenaed the bit where the saddle was to go....and everybody seemed very shocked...but I only had time for riding or cleaning but not both...and as they only go out and get dirty again I didn't see the point really.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!