When my owner arrived this morning, she moaned about the state of my tail and my legs. As you all know by now, I am a Highland Pony and we are famed for our long tails and manes. Imagine my horror when my owner threatened to chop off some of my tail to try and keep it out of the mud. I would look like all the riding school horses who have their tails almost at hock height!

Here are a few of my friends to prove it

 Moss is a fellow Highland.  His tail is now growing out.
 Fergus - yes, I suppose I have to admit his tail  does keep cleaner than mine.

And Sorrel.  He's definitely NOT my friend as he always makes faces and tries to bite me when I walk past him.

Well, as you can see, my tail is still intact, if not a bit cleaner.  I knew she wouldn't cut it really.  She just likes to have a moan now and then.


  1. Just you keep your long tail Major and if your owner comes near you with the scissor then swish her with your tail. Oh that's not nice your friend pulling faces at you and trying to bite you.........naughty. X

  2. Noooooooooooooooooo! I am a Dales and like highlands we keep ALL our hair, manes and tails. Human used to plait and turn mine up for the winter to keep it out of the mud, then she would complain that if I caught her with it it was like being hit with a baseball bat. No pleasing some humans huh?
    Those legs are amazing. Well done Major.

  3. I love a good tale, can listen for hours!(No?)

    But yes, I like Gracie`s tail to be long, she looks cute! Actually so do you!

  4. Zoe - don't think I'll be trying that idea!

    Cheyenne - LOL!

  5. yeh, I cut about a foot off the bottom of Abbeys tail this winter... it'll grow again! I didn't see the point in trying to clean the mud off her legs where the mud rash is if the tail was going to sit wet and muddy against it all the time.

  6. Major, you have to admit it was a disgrace. I am so glad your owner didn't cut it. My Exmoors would not have approved. They would probably have set off on the long journey to come knocking on her door to tell her off! I hope you thanked her very much for ceaning you up.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!