It was a very hot day today, so of course, my owner decided it would be a good idea to ride out.  We were joined by the Yard Manager, who was on a week's holiday so I had to be on my best behaviour. She is riding her husband's horse, Fred.

 I am grumpy in this photo because I've just climbed all the way to the top of the hill when I could have been having a doze down below in the yard.
 Fred has much longer legs than I do, so Hal and I had to work hard to keep up.
 The owners kept saying how wonderful the view was and what a perfect day for a ride out.  I won't tell you what I was saying to Hal.
My owner was also very pleased because I hadn't been trying to eat the grass as we were walking along.  Well, I thought I'd keep her on her toes so couldn't resist this.

 Oh no, we're not going up another hill!
 You can see what Fred's opinion of the ride was, but I don't think any of the owners noticed.
 I told you in my last post that my owner was always taking photos of Urquhart Castle.  Yes, here's another one.
 If you look carefully, you wil see a deer in this one.  They don't seem to mind us horses.  They just don't like owners by themselves.
 No, I'm not looking at another deer.  I heard a funny noise coming from down below in Loch Ness.  It wasn't the monster - just a noisy little boat spluttering.
 Only out for an hour and half.  It could have been worse.  I look forward to getting back, getting a cool sponge down, a quick lunch and then put up my hooves for the afternoon.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your ride. Of course from the comfort of my paddock. Glad wasn't doing hills like you. Stopping for a munch, you're my kinda guy!

  2. Major says that he got the day off today because even his owner was too hot to ride!

  3. Lovely photographs Major. Oh i hope you were not too hot after your climb up the hill (s) i know i would have been, i had to keep in the shade today, it is supposed to change wed thurs......rain grrrrrr then much lower tempartures, oh i hope that wasn't summer! X

  4. I hope you appreciated those views, Major, and the smell of those flowers, or were you just too exhausted after being forced to walk up hills? Poor Major. I have just phoned the SSPCA. I thought you might find it a bit hard to work a phone with those tired hoofs of yours.

  5. Foody, Major says it is good to know that there are people who understand him!


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