Another weekend over.  For some reason my owner was very pleased with my legs and so, of course she had to take photos of them..  I suppose it's not often that they look so clean and furry. 
 In a few weeks time they'll probably be covered in layers of mud until next Spring.
 It seems as if it is going to be a routine now that my owner is at work all week.  She rode me on Saturday and Sunday for quite a long time.
 My winter coat is coming in and I was very sweaty going up the hills.  She didn't take her camera on the rides this time but here I am with the sweat mark round my nose band to prove  how hard I worked.
 My owner slooshed me over with cold water, which felt very good.  Then I had a long drink from the blue trug.
 Not content with that, I moved on to the yellow one, just in case it had anything stronger in it!
 Then I noticed that some thoughtful person had spread haylage around the holding paddock.
Can't waste any more time talking, better get stuck in before any of my pals join me.  See you next week.

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