My owner says that she is missing me very much now that she can only see me at weekends.  However, on Friday she finished work earlier than usual so thought she would surprise me by coming up to the field to see me.
 There were lots of us already out on the hill but I was nowhere to be found.  Yes, I know that looks like me but it's Bilbo, another Highland Pony.  My owner would never cut my tail that short.
 So she went to the top of the field, through into the woods, where we tend to go in the evenings.  Plenty of horses hiding in the trees but I wasn't one of them.  My owner walked through the woods and on up into the clearing where she could see right to the boundary line in the distance.  I wasn't there either. . . . .
because I was in the starvation paddock where Hal's owner had put me earlier on in the day.  My owner didn't mind, though.  She said she needed the exercise now that she spends most of her days either in the car or in front of a computer.
 Of course, my owner rode me this weekend.  No more lazy Sundays for me.  We look like a giant
Centaur in these photos!

 We then met a ride on its way back.
 It was easy to spot where they'd been.
 Back at the stables, all the swallows are getting ready for their long journey to Africa.
I'm so glad I'm not a swallow!   See you all again next week!

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  1. Oooooooh Major if i had been your human i would have panicked if i didn't see you in the fields, phewwwww that you were in the paddock. X


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