My owner was too tired to ride me on Saturday (she's having to get used to doing a full week's work again!) so, after she'd given me a long brush, I was put out early.
 Nothing to get excited about though.  It was straight into the starvation paddock, yet again.  No point even trying to eat anything till I'm really hungry.  It's too much effort scratching about for a few blades of grass.
 Here I am this morning at 8.30am.  I wasn't even trying to look sorry for myself because I WAS feeling sorry for myself and also very hungry!
 Anyway, once I'd had my breakfast I cheered up a bit.  Then settled in for the long brush I always get before my owner rides me.  She was quite worried when she saw I'd been rubbing my tail, though.  She thought it might be the return of the dreaded pinworm from last year.
 But on closer inspection, she saw I'd been bitten by a horrible insect which had left it very swollen and itchy.  This is it after it had been washed.
 My owner is always very pleased when I stand up straight, rather than my usual laid back look.  Any ideas what caught my eye?
 It was one of the staff filling up the haylage barrow across the yard but I didn't get any!
 Instead I had to climb the hills again, although I was allowed to stop and look at the views above Locj Ness (and I managed some quick grabs at the grass while she was fussing with the camera).
Well, that's another weekend passed.  See you next week.


  1. Oh Major you did look sad in that photo, bless.

    Ooh what a nasty bug to bit you on your errrrrrr mmmmmmm bottom! Hope it is soon better. Is it raining up there?........it is here after a lovely sunny weekend.x

  2. Weather has been good, Ann, though this evening it's just turning a bit wet.


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