When my owner arrived this morning, she gave a big sigh and said I was too wet and muddy to ride (shame!).  Instead, we went for a walk as it was quite a nice day.

 First we crossed the main road into the big field, which at the moment, is full of sheep.  Don't know why they're all staring.  You'd think they'd never seen a horse before.
 Eventually we reached the bay, but it had rained so much there was no beach left.  The water was almost back up towards the gate.
 My owner made me stop eating to pose for the photo.  I refused to put my ears forward as I was a bit grumpy that my snack had been cut short.
 We then went back through the fields to the river.  That was too deep and fast to cross so we stood in a big puddle where I had a long drink,
My owner made me stand there for a while in the hope that the mud would wash off.  Don't know why she bothered as we had to walk back through muddy fields so it all went back on again anyway!


  1. Lots of flooding in fields and roads about here as well. Surely there cannot be any more rain left to come down. Mud legs or not Major you are still very handsome x.

  2. Major says, 'Thank you, Ann'


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