Last weekend I was too wet to ride.  This weekend, the ground was too hard and icy.
 The tarmac roads were too slippery and the tracks were rutted.
 My owner gave me a good brush because I was, at last, dry and fluffy!  Not the most flattering angle, though- less of a Highland Pony, more like a small mammoth.  That's Harry ahead, tucking into a pile of haylage because he loses condition in the winter.  That is something I have yet to experience.
My owner took pity on me, though and gave me a bite of lunch before putting me out onto the frozen fields.  I need something to keep me warm on these cold days! 


  1. Awww bless you Major. I hope you are warm. X

  2. I just want to run my hands through all that lovely hair and mane!!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. Your a gorgeous hairy beast. Now, will you share whatever you're eating with me? ;)

  4. Yes it helps! Me too, porridge, thats what I get, but not like humans, more like oats and the odd apple. Stay warm!

  5. Afriad Major doesn't share his food with anyone - not even a hot mare!


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